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Who AM I?

“Who AM I?”

A question for the ages.

A fairly accurate answer would be a biological physical being influenced by our gene pool. Then of course there is our spiritual being (for me a major aspect for the answer to the aforementioned question). And lastly our soul (the mind, the will, and our emotion).

Yeah, I got all that, but WHO AM I?

It is my opinion (not that anyone cares about my opinion but here it is anyway) that much of our soul is influenced by the experiences we have and the ethos, or culture, we live within. The good, the bad, and the ugly of life. Influenced by the people in our lives and the events in our lives, but I also believe by God in our lives. As I pondered this, past memories surfaced in my mind and I began writing them down. As I shared a few of these experiences with others I found my stories triggered memories in their lives encouraging me to author a book. Seventh-Inning Stretch: Reflections on the Game of Life is a collection of faith-based short stories, humorous at times, each followed by a more poignant Afterthought.

“Who am I”? Good question! ..... Would love to hear your thoughts....

Available May 17th wherever books are sold!

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