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Seventh-Inning Stretch Hits Amazon

Seventh-Inning Stretch: Reflections on the Game of Life Paperback – May 17, 2022

by Dennis Labriola (Author)

Through this collection of memorable short stories of Dennis Labriola’s life, the objective of <i>Seventh-Inning Stretch</i> is to entertain and trigger similar memories in the reader.</b><br><p>This is a faith-based book with an intentional slant towards men and biblical manhood. Through the Dennis’ often-humorous storytelling, <i>Seventh-Inning Stretch</i> hopes to create an emotional response from the reader then offers biblical anecdotes to inspire the reader to acknowledge and appreciate the people God placed in their own life. This is not so much a teaching work, but is meant to be entertaining, with an Afterthought after each chapter pointing to a biblical precept. <i>Seventh-Inning Stretch</i> is unique in that it is a collection of short stories, making it easy to read stirring and inspiring the memories and emotions—and hopefully faith—of the reader. It also connects Dennis’ story with God’s story, demonstrating how deeply God cares about and walks with everyone, even if unaware.

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