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Seventh-Inning Stretch...... Getting Exciting!!

I am pleased to have received some great endorsements for Seventh-Inning Stretch - Reflections on the Game of Life, my new book due to be released this spring. For a sneak peak check out Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

I am so honored to receive this acknowledgement from Emily "Missy" Crisp, a great friend and one of the first women to serve on the executive committee of the USGA. She is one of the most accomplished women I have ever known. Thank you Missy!!

“A delightful, often funny, and engaging book. Dennis’ style makes for an easy and enjoyable read but the lessons learned are deep and pervasive. His ability to connect the many everyday experiences of our lives to the true meaning and value of life is poignant. I would highly recommend Seventh-Inning Stretch to all ages, even very young readers.” —Emily (“Missy”) Crisp, Educator, Entrepreneur, Former Executive Committee Member USGA, MGA Distinguished Service Award recipient, MGA GOLFWORKS and The First Tee of Metropolitan of New York

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