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Seventh-Inning Stretch Earns Support of Local Pastor

When a lay person, as myself, writes a faith-based book there is a deep concern for accuracy when referencing Holy Scripture. After 43 years of being a believer and being taught, some formal some less formal, you would hope I have accumulated some understanding and knowledge concerning our faith and our God, but I must say receiving approval from a man or woman of God brings confidence that our work is acceptable. The kind words concerning Seventh-inning Stretch provided by Pastor Ted (see below) warmed my heart and I believe provides a level of credibility to my effort. My sincerest thanks.

“Through the day-to-day events of life shared in Seventh-Inning Stretch Dennis causes us to pause to see God’s hand in the small and great things. I laughed, reflected, cried and learned about God’s heart.” Pastor Ted Bichsel, Pastor of Marriage, Men and Care Ministries - Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle

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