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Monday Morning Message: Second Chances

Good morning men of God.

Today I am celebrating my 13th wedding anniversary, my wedding covenant, with my wife Patty. What a joy and a blessing it has been as she is exactly what I need in a wife. God has been very good to me and brought Patty into my life to make it more complete as "it is not good for man to be alone" (Gen 2:18).

I must confess that there are times, few mind you, that I recite Gen 3:12... "the woman whom You gave me...." as we disagree or when she needs it "her way". I will assume you may have had a similar moment in your relationship.

But I want to encourage you that we need some of these moments... ok... maybe fewer than we have, but we need them to teach us selflessness, generosity, how to provide for and cover them, forgiveness and of course humility (just ask them).

God says when a man and a woman come together in marriage they become one. If I care for "myself", my "one" properly, she will also be cared for. Yes, we are one.

Ya know, we don't have to wait for our anniversary to tell them we love them.

Maybe if we say it more... show it more.... we would be better at this thing called love.

For me, God has given me a second chance to get it right. I'm not gonna blow it as it honors God, honors my wife... honors my kids.... it honors me.

Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory,

MDN Coach and Author Dennis Labriola

PS..... Seventh-Inning Stretch: Reflections on the Game of Life Launches Tomorrow!.... "Wherever books are sold!"

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