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Men's Monday Message: Where Your Treasure Is

Good Morning Mighty Men of God...

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." The words of our Lord, Jesus recorded in Matthew 6:21. In other words, what are we chasing?

What am I chasing?

My list can be long sometimes..... maybe yours too.

I should be chasing God and a good portion of the time I believe I am, but it took me almost 70 years (just 69, don't push it!) to figure much of this out and I still screw things up. I hope you're a faster learner.

For me, I sit before God.... He gives me an idea, a task, a desire, a mission and I run off doing everything I know to do... putting in a good, sometimes great effort... I plan, I execute the plan, I worry, I pull my hair out trying to get it right in my own strength until I am exhausted... then I come back to the Lord..... either to get another word and then run off to do it all again.... or... to wait on the Lord... to hear ALL He has to say.... to wait on Him.... and then act in His strength. A much better way.

Truth is, I work just as hard but I don't get weary... I can run, but I don't faint. (I think that's in the Bible somewhere).

I find it hard to balance the Mary and Martha in me (that sounds weird... let's call them Mark and Mike... but you know what I mean.)

Do I work as Martha never sitting before the Lord...... or do I sit like Mary never seeming to attend to the tasks at hand.... Jesus said "Mary chose the better way". Now I would never disagree with what Jesus said, but note He didn't say she chose the "best" way. Just sayin'.

I believe our Father wants to and does include us in His work, His plan, His mission.... but, just as my little nephew wants to "do it myself!", we too try to do it ourselves.... only to realize we need his wisdom, knowhow and mastery to do the job right. Well, we can only hope we realize this truth.

What Am I chasing....... correct that.... not what, but who..... as for me, and my house... we will serve the Lord. My real treasure is only found in Him.

Do you struggle with this "balance"?

Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory,

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