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Men's Monday Message: "Time to make the donuts"

Good morning men of God,

Time to make the donuts... as the commercial goes.

Time to get back to the battle.... flesh vs spirit.

I am great in church!

You should see me... praying, singing songs, smiles from ear to ear, giving spiritual "high-fives" to others in church. I've got this!

Then Monday comes and the air in my spirit "balloon" gushes out like when Rafael Devors (Boston Red Sox) hit the 2-run home run last night.

Oh man...

Not sure if you relate... maybe it's just me.

Do you fall back to behaviors that are, well, let's say unbecoming?

Where emotions and habits seem to overtake our spirit?

Worry, anxiety, guilt, anger, envy, conceit, low self-esteem, selfishness, lust, lack of control, selfish ambition, perfectionism, insecurity, feeling unworthy, etc... etc... etc... The list can be long.

Not that we deal with all these at the same time, as we hopefully, with the help of the Holy Spirit and as we mature in God, have won some of these battles.

But we do battle and struggle with some of these, especially those that have taken up positions of strongholds in our lives.

Heck, even the Apostle Paul had his struggles!

So today, if you find yourself in one of these battles, be encouraged as God has given us great weapons to pull down strongholds. He has given us great effective armor to protect us as we battle. And HE IS ON OUR SIDE!!!

Let us face the day, the week prepared as God instructs us... as Jesus demonstrated for us.

Step 1.... Get God's take on the issue.

Step 2... choose to walk in the spirit

Step #.... engage the A, B, C's.... Ask God... Believe He hears and will answer... Confess I cannot do this without His help.

​God is doing a good work in us... Yes, He is. ​Strength and Honor, buy only for His Glory, MDN Coach Dennis​

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