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Men's Monday Message: The Tomb is Still Empty!

Good Morning Mighty Men of God.....

Yesterday, like most of you, I celebrated Resurrection Sunday....Easter.

It was a great day filled with the extended family, a wonderful church service, amazing food, a bad Yankee game, all the kids and grandkids.

It was truly a magnificent day.... all around the celebration of the risen Christ.

Praise to God!

But, today my thoughts are not on the reminiscing of that day of all days when Christ defeated hell, death and the grave, they are on the normal everyday stuff of work and life.... holiday is sad.... how "sad" indeed.

I need my thoughts to focus on KEEPING Christ alive in my life, my heart and mind.

Do I put Him back in the tomb?

Or do I continue to realize the magnitude of what happened that day?

To continue to be amazed, coming often to the empty tomb to declare "He is alive!" Declaring this truth day after day.... everyday allowing Him to apply Himself on my life.... to empower my life... effecting and transforming my heart and my mind.

Just as the disciples were dismayed as Jesus died on the cross, I too, fall into life's concerns and the busyness of the day as if Sunday never happened.

Maybe you feel the same at times?

The Word of God says that without vision God's people perish.

So, for me, I am going to look upon the image of the empty tomb first thing each day. For as I place my mind on this fact... this truth.... I will be more likely to embrace the RISEN CHRIST each day... everyday.

Do you agree? .... let THAT reality live in me....Happy Resurrection Monday!

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