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Men's Monday Message: How Does God See Me?

Good Morning Mighty Men of Valor,

This was how the Angle of the Lord referred to Gideon.

Ever think how our Father sees us?... speaks over us?

For myself, I often felt like the black sheep of God's family...

never getting it right...

Never good enough...

always messing up, making the wrong decisions....

consistently turning back to bad habits and sin, breaking yet another promise to God.

He must be disappointed in me...

He must be shaking His head at my failure..

He must have given up on me...

Ever feel this way?

I think we all have at a time.

But God does not "see" us in this temporary condition.

He sees us completed... what I call "Christ Complete".

Think about it.... Our Heavenly Father did not send His Only Begotten Son, Jesus, to this world to leave us in our "sin-condition".

He sent Him to show us how loved we are... how valuable we are to Him.

(John 3:16)

He called Gideon a mighty man of valor while he was yet hiding, while he saw himself as the "weakest of his clan" (Judges 6:15)

He bragged on Job, stating there was none like him on all the earth, blameless, upright, hating evil.... while he yet struggled with fear. (Job 1:8)

He called Abraham "the father of many nations" while he was yet childless.

How does God see you?

Do we dare wonder as to the benevolence of God towards us?

As to the vision God has already seen as to whom we become in His power, mercy and grace?

Could it be that you are really His special treasure?..

The apple of His eye?..

A king and a priest?...

A Holy nation?...

No longer an orphan but a son and daughter?

Redeemed, forgiven, loved?

A mighty man of valor? INDEED!

Think about it!

Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory, MDN Coach Dennis Labriola

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