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Men's Monday Message: Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hot, Hot, Hot! Wow, the temps soared this past week here on Long Island. 90+ degrees every day, This week, a bit more reasonable. How do you act, respond, behave when the "heat is on", and I'm not talking about the temperature outside. I mean when the pressure is on. you know..... when money is tight... when that deadline is upon us... when there just isn't enough time... when all the spinning plates are about to fall... when we have so many demands on us we can't carry the weight. We've all been there. Those times when everyone seems to want a piece of us... my spouse, the kids, extended family... (another BBQ?)... the boss, the clients, the contractor for that project you hired because you didn't have the time only to spend time as he keeps asking you stuff...., throw in the pastor and the doctor, .... list is long isn't it! Then let's add a little more heat..... internal heat.... you know... the stuff God wants you to deal with. Character stuff... integrity, honesty, humility, lust, rage, tithing, prayer, submission.... oh yeah... surrender..... "ANYTHING ELSE, LORD?"... also a long list. Yes.... it gets hot sometimes. So, when does it let up?... when can we take a breath? In my opinion and in my experience.... when I choose to be with Him. Ah c'mon Dennis.... that's it? That's all you're offering? When I choose to be with God? Well... He makes all things work together for good. (Ro 8:28) His grace is sufficient for me (2 Cor 12:9) He is strong when I am weak (2 Cor 12:10) He is my Refuge (Ps 91:2) He is my High Tower (Ps 144:2) He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. (Ps 50:10) Have a better solution?..... I know you haven't! He ​even ​walks with us in the cool of the day​ (Gen 3) ​​.... aah.... that's better.... cool of the day stuff! ​Focus on Him, He's got you. Strength ​and Honor, but Only for His Glory​ ​MDN Coach Dennis

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