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Men's Monday Message: Have Courage

​Good Monday Mighty Men of Valor...

​Discouragement.... at some time or times in our lives we need to fight against it.

Could be about any aspect of ourselves or our lives.

I believe there is a difference between discouragement and disappointment.

Discouragement attacks hope.

It drains our courage (dis-courage) and tries to set our future into hopelessness in that area.

It tries to condemn us to an outcome of lack, whether it be in our relationships, personal health, financial condition, vocational efforts, or personal growth.

It says you never achieve, never change, never succeed.

It attempts to label us... to set our identity.... but our hope is in Jesus!

P​s 23... says He refreshes my soul.

Ps 42.. says He will give us rest

Ps 116... reminds us that He has been good to us

Ps 103... reminds us not to forget ANY of His benefits.

Ps 121... asks and then answers the question..."where does my help come from, it comes from the Lord"​

So let us shake off discouragement and put on a garment of praise for as said in

1 Chron 28... "Be strong and courageous, do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord God is with you wherever you go."

Have a great day with God this and every day!

Strength and honor, but only for His Glory,

Dennis Labriola

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