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Men's Monday Message - Happy New Year

Good morning mighty men of valor.

As we are coming in for a landing with this year of 2021 it is a time, if you are like most of us, to take inventory of the previous 12 months. We set or reset goals for the new year (do I do that gym thing again?), reconcile the blessings from the disappointments, add some new things to the ToDo list (boy, this list gets longer every year), set an appointment for our annual physical with the doctor, check our 401K and give a quick nod to God.

Just think if we were to do this in the exact opposite. I know, it sounds like George Costanza's (from Seinfeld) reasoning whenever he had to make a decision. Gather all the data he can, apply logic, get some advice from his friends and then do the direct opposite.

Seems silly but there is some credence to this after all... God's thoughts are higher than ours, and His ways are higher than our ways.

So, what if we went to God, in earnest, first.

The Word says he will direct my path (Prv 3:6), He will provide all our needs including strength, faith and love, according to His resources, which are limitless (Phil 4:19, Eph 3:16). He will take care of our lives, our wives, our kids, what we eat and drink, even our wardrobe and removes the worry and strife in our lives (Mat 6).

So, the finances will not be in lack.

Our health is covered by His divine nature (2 Pet 1)

The todo list will be prioritized by what is REALLY important.

The disappointments will be fewer.

The blessings will be greater.

My goals will be His goals.

And I am left lifting my hands and my heart raised in praise and thanksgiving.

Thank you Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory,

MDN Coach Dennis

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