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Men's Monday Message: Father's Day

Good morning mighty men of valor.

First, a Happy Father's Day to all the dads, granddads and "to be" dads.

I hope you had a pleasant day.

I think, for most of us, the day comes with some gladness and, perhaps, a little sadness.

For me, my kids and grandkids live close by and we can be together for such occasions. Much gladness as I watch over them.

But for many, our kids live all over the country and the visit is a call or a few minutes on Facetime. Both gladness and sadness as the time is just too short.

Some live farther than that as there is a great distance between hearts and "it's been years" for one reason or another. We experience sadness if we even let our thoughts go there.

I am fortunate to have been close to my dad but he is gone now, passing a little more than a year ago. Some sadness indeed, but gladness too.

Father's Day.... comes with a lot of stuff no matter what.

I think it is a great time to take a little inventory on myself.

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch used to ask, "How am I doin'?"

Good question to ask ourselves....

I have always found that there was and is room for improvement.

Maybe you feel the same.

One of my life scriptures comes to mind, which I try to employ in my everyday mindset. Phil 3:12-14.... In summary it says, that I do not look at what is behind, but that which is ahead....I strive for the prize of the high call of Christ Jesus.

In short, I can't change the past, but the present and future hasn't been written yet and with God's help a great end of my story, your story, is still possible bringing much gladness to you and yours.

Think About It!

Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory,

MDN Coach Dennis Labriola Author of Seventh-Inning Stretch: Reflection on the Game of Life Seventh-Inning Stretch: Reflections on the Game of Life by Dennis Labriola, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® ( Check out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel: (1591) Dennis Labriola - YouTube

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