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Men's Monday Message: Delays

Good Morning Brothers in Christ,

On my mind this morning is the subject of "delay".

Maybe due to the fact that I was coming home from Florida last night and encountered a 3 1/2 hour delay causing me to arrive home at 4am. (Please nudge me if I doze off as I write this.)

I started thinking about this as it relates to our walk with Christ.

For most of us who live in this "fast food", "overnight shipping", "immediate gratification" world (oh yeah, that's all of us), delay is not easy to accept, but I have come to learn that it is a tool our Heavenly Father employs often.

Patience is a virtue, not impatience, not haste.

I remember being told to "measure twice, cut once."

Yes, haste makes waste as the pile of "wasted wood" in my life will attest.

Isa. 40:31 is a well known verse. "Those who wait on the Lord...." you know the rest. Many sermons and commentary have been delivered on the subject.

Let's keep it simple.

Waiting is hard.... frankly I do not like to wait.

I don't like waiting for my wife to get in the car when we have a place to go.

I don't like waiting for my food at the restaurant.

I don't like waiting in line.

I don't like waiting "on hold".

I don't like waiting at the doctor's office past the time of my appointment.

I don't like.......You can make your own list.

But there can be great value in this waiting.... in these delays.

It allows you to "see" and observe with your spiritual eyes.

It allows you to take a breath. A deep breath. A prayerful breath.

It allows you to pause and acknowledge Him so He can direct your path.

It allows you to consider more than yourself.

It allows you to give God control and release your grip and control.

Sometimes we need to lean into God's delays for He works ALL THINGS for good..... again you know the rest (Ro 8:28).... Love God.... Look for His purpose.

I heard it said, "God's delays are not God's denials."

Perhaps it's about trust... I pray that we all practice more patience today.

Strength and Honor, But Only for His Glory

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