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Men's Monday Message: Be a Friend

Blessings Brothers....

Welcome to May.... Springtime is here.....

I just returned from a men's retreat hosted by my church.

It was a powerful weekend for many including myself on many different levels.

If you have the opportunity, I would suggest you make the investment in yourself and in the kingdom of our Lord and attend these special times to get away with God. Just my observation but God meets me when I am intentional on spending time with Him.

God has given us a great gift and valuable asset that many of us miss along our journey..... the gift of Brotherhood..... the gift of a friend.

Another guy to come alongside us to support, encourage, be a help, love with brotherly love, and even admonish when necessary to keep us on the right path... God's path.

Today let us pause and be a "friend". Send a text or make a call.

You may just be used by God to love another brother who desperately needs to know he is not alone.

I am excited as my book Seventh-Inning Stretch is about to be officially released (May 17th). I have ramped up my social media stuff so feel free to reach out via Facebook, Linked-In, Instagram or even my web-site ( I would love to hear from you.

Oh.... One last thing.... Sunday is Mother's Day....... Call your mom and tell her you love her!........ now that's a good son!

Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory,

MDN Coach (and now author)

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