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Men's Monday Message

Good morning men of God.....

Sometimes this phrase, "a man of God", seems like some label, a monogram, a logo above my shirt pocket rather than a reality as to who I am.

Maybe you feel the same way at times.

After all, who are we that God, the creator of the universe, should enable us to actually be that which He calls us to be.

Sometimes the only voices I hear are completely contrary,.... "unqualified"... "unworthy"... "sinful"... "weak"....

Fill in the blank..... _______.

We all hear the voice of despair at times.

We all feel disqualified..... and thus head to the bench to watch from the sidelines.

But God says, "stop whining! Stand up! Be a man! Brace yourself like a man...

Act the man (Job 38:3).

In other words, He affirms that He has created us and empowered us, to be sons (John 12:36), to be His heirs (Ro 8:16-18).

And as such, a son of the Most High.

It is not the name on my jersey that defines me.

It is the Spirit that is within me.

Jesus has justified us, forgiven us, made us righteous, and sanctifies us.

So, when I pray... when we pray... God hears us.

Angels are dispatched.

Demons are silenced.

Help is delivered.

God's Kingdom rules in our lives.

Yeah!!! I'm a son of God!

A joint heir with Jesus... provided by Him, thru Him and with Him.

You are too!

Ah, I feel better now!

Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory,

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