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Knowing God is All About Our Intimacy with God

Good morning mighty men of valor..... Happy 2022 !

I pray that this message finds you well, that our Father's presence is surrounding you and you and He are abiding together.

John 15:1-9 uses this word, "abide" 9 times.

It is my opinion that when Holy Scripture uses a word 2 or 3 times within a few lines of text there is an elevated importance. It is saying to me, "hey, did you get this, let me say it again!"

It's a "truly, truly" level of importance.

But 9 times???

Again, just my opinion, but to me this is one of the most important messages the Lord shares....

In today's world of the information age we are bombarded with data. We believe the more information about somethin we have the better decisions and choices we can make. Now I am not against learning and being educated about a subject but the information highway does not lead to heaven.

Jesus answered when asked, what is eternal life with "knowing God, and the one whom He sent."

So yes, knowing God is obtaining information about Him, but I believe it is much more.

Knowing His names is a wonderful way to see and learn some of the infinite, wonderful characteristics of our creator and benevolent Father, the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus, but the scriptures use of the word "abide" suggests so much more.

"Knowing God" at the level where we abide together with Him is not about God's dossier, a file the FBI has on Him, or that we collected about Him..... it is all about our level of intimacy with Him.

Knowing God is all about our intimacy with God.

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