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Men's Monday Message: The "WOW" Factor

Good morning mighty men of valor.....Have you ever been "WOWed" by God? I mean an encounter with Him that left you speechless.... awed... mouth wide open like a cod fish.... outright blown away? I call this the "WOW" factor. It would be my prayer that you experience God this way. Maybe through an amazing blessing. Maybe as an answer to a situation where there is no answer. Maybe as a healing touch beyond the doctor's understanding or prognosis. Maybe through the merciful forgiveness of an act that should stain one's soul forever. Maybe it's a prodigal son or daughter experience. Maybe through the drying of one's tears where weeping has been. Maybe it's the touch that changes the heart of a loved one to restore a relationship. The WOW factor. Nobody can WOW you as the Lord can.... and does. Let's pause this day... maybe right now as you read this.... and Thank Him... Praise Him... Worship Him...... and watch what happens.... WOW!!! Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory, Dennis MDN Coach, Author and just another guy. Seventh-Inning Stretch: Reflections on the Game of Life. Release Date: May 17th wherever books are sold. WOW... look what God can do!

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