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Men's Monday Message: Thankful

Good morning mighty men of valor,

This Thursday we celebrate Thanksgiving.

I would like to believe that we all would say we have something to be thankful for, but the busyness of the day may distract us from the very reason we have such a day... a day to give thanks... a special day set aside for this purpose.

Somehow, between the getting together with family and friends, the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, the football game, and the pumpkin pie after a game of Sequence, or whatever is the family favorite, our thoughts on being thankful becomes minimized to a prayer just prior to taking our first bite.

Maybe you relate. "Busy" can do that.

Add in the family members who just don't get this "God" thing, some talk about politics or the latest Netflix series and perhaps a nice serving of family drama. It is easy to see how our thoughts on being thankful can be diminished to the hope that the day will soon be over and you can go home.

So here is my antidote .... start now! Today!

Start an intentional pause in your day for giving thanks, being grateful.

Seriously.... develop a life pattern of being thankful, (I know many of you already have). Take a few minutes each day to ponder God's goodness and blessing towards you and your family.

So here's the challenge....

Starting today and for the next four days, think about all those you will meet at your Thanksgiving celebration..... then allow God to expand your thoughts to others and your "world" (what I call "your garden"). Think about the blessings... the times God showed up in your life... the acts of Christ to restore you to God. Remember, acknowledge and appreciate all He has done for you.

I believe if you do this you will begin a lifestyle of thankfulness...

and Thanksgiving Day will be a real joy.

Think about it! ​Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory, ​MDN Coach Dennis Labriola

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