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Men's Monday Message: Heaven's Hall of Fame

Good morning brothers in Christ.

This past week I went up to Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of fame, bringing my nephew Charlie, who had never been, celebrating his 40th birthday. It was also my 14th wedding anniversary and I wanted to do something romantic with my wife. What? Taking my wife to Cooperstown isn't romantic? Hey, I never said I have this all figured out. I guess it's time to attend another marriage retreat! You know there is a hall of fame in heaven. Really.... it's true! No plaques, but crowns. They give out crowns of love and compassion. They give out a victory crown to the humble. It's true.... as we yield to Christ we earn crowns... It is good to gather crowns... to do good... to be good. We are encouraged to earn heavenly crowns... Only to lay them down... to cast them before the throne of the Eternal Living One.... The Lord Jesus.... all of creation's MVP.... our life's Master, Victory and Provider. Think about it. Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory,

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