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Men's Monday Message: Where are your Idols?

Good morning brothers in Christ, Exodus 20 says, (my paraphrase) that we shall have no other gods before or besides Almighty God. No idols. Nothing we worship but God, Himself. Probably something we would all agree with.

If I am honest with myself, I sometimes find I serve and worship God because He is the One who blesses me, provides for me, protects me, forgives me..... (that's a lot of "me")... rather than just because of who He is.... Almighty God. Don't misunderstand me, the blessings are great, but sometimes I think more about the blessing than the Blesser.... more about the gift than the Gifter. Idol worship???

The Bible speaks of the blessed man.... blessings found in our spouses, kids, homes, livestock (businesses), friends, lifestyle, finances, titles, achievements, ministries, intellect, possessions. All good things.... no? Men's Pastor and friend Scott Caesar says, "when we make a good thing, a god thing, it becomes a bad thing." So, let me ask you, "where are your idols"? Here's one way to avoid being "Out of Order". Stay in a place of thanksgiving so that you keep the blessings in the right place! Think about it! Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory, MDN Coach Dennis Labriola Author of Seventh-Inning Stretch: Reflection on the Game of Life Seventh-Inning Stretch: Reflections on the Game of Life by Dennis Labriola, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® ( ​Check out and subscribe to my ​YouTube Channel: (1591) Dennis Labriola - YouTube

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