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Men's Monday Message: Margin Time

Good Morning Mighty Men of Valor!

So, how are you at managing time?

Are you consistently rushing... often late?

Do you find yourself constantly calling/texting to let people know you're 5 minutes out... making it okay, at least in your own mind, to be 10, maybe 15 minutes late?

​Now you are trying to catch up, losing your peace, increasing stress, even speeding ... all to "make up time" ... even though you're committing an infraction of the local traffic laws... becoming a hazard to those around you. "Is that a cop?" All this for a lack of a few minutes of time. But what if you planned and gave yourself a few extra minutes? What? Be early? What would I do?​ This is what is called "margin time". To plan on a little extra time "just in case". Just in case.... of heavy traffic or an accident. Just in case... the car didn't start (as mine did not this morning). Just in case... little Johnny hid the keys. Just in case... you can't seem to get Zoom to work (I was on yesterday! @%&#!) Just in case... little Mary just needed an extra hug from daddy as she told you what happened at school yesterday.... for the tenth time, but this is really important to her and you just need to give her the attention necessary to avoid traumatizing her kindergarten experience. Just in case.... it's Monday and the garbage must go out as you forgot last Thursday. Just in case... fill in the blank. Yeah, but what if nothing unexpected happens... Exactly.... you can utilize the extra time to: You can Pray.... just imagine? You can think.... God has a massive amount of genius ideas! You can call someone you haven't spoken to in a while. You can read (trying to get through that self-help book for months) You can take a little walk. Even say "hello" to someone Maybe just relax and take a breath. If we build this margin time into our schedule it becomes pretty easy. Try it...

#mensmondaymessage #seventhinningstretch #mdn #timemanagement #margintime ​Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory​,

​MDN Coach ​Dennis Labriola

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