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Men's Monday Message: Love Eternal

Good Morning Men of God,

This past week we celebrated Valentine's Day.

If you forgot... well, it's cold in the doghouse as you can attest.

For the rest of us, it's a time we set aside to express our love for our spouse.

Perhaps a romantic dinner, flowers, candy, a piece of bling... a card (don't forget the card!).

You know what she likes.

The key is that we need to think and plan and reserve a place, save the time, clear the calendar, prioritize this time to connect in a more special way than the "everyday".

Isn't that what love does?

Think about God's love for you.

Jesus set aside everything for you and me... everything!

He laid down his deity, laid down His dignity, laid down His life for the one He loved.... you... 

And then did the awesome, special and amazing...

what no one else could do.

He defeated death and the grave giving us the most special of gifts... 

a new eternal life with Him! 

Are you loved?

I would say so.

Think about it!

​Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory,

​MDN Coach Dennis Labriola

Author of Seventh-Inning Stretch: Reflection on the Game of Life

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