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Men's Monday Message: Grace Sufficiency

Good Morning Mighty Men of Valor...

Did you ever find yourself in a situation or a predicament that you really didn't want to deal with or go through but, there just doesn't seem to be a way out...

only a way through? 

You just have to deal with it and endure.

You know, like going to the dentist knowing you are going to experience pain.

I hate going to the dentist, but twice a year you will find me there.

Well, I'm going thru something like that right now.

Not at the dentist, but painful none the least.

Jesus experienced this as He prayed "... if possible, let this cup pass from me...".

It didn't.

Not that what we endure is in any way to be compared with taking on the sins of the world, but when pain is involved.... well just say it's no fun.

You may not experience physical discomfort, but perhaps emotional, the pain of grief, the pressure of financial lack, the heartbreak of relational issues or mental anguish.

The Apostle Paul dealt with the "thorn in his side" only to hear the Lord say, "My grace is sufficient".

So, let's learn to lean on God's grace more as He gives us His strength, His peace, His comfort... whatever we need during these times.

He even makes a way where there IS NO WAY.

Think about it. 

Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory, 

MDN Coach Dennis Labriola

Author of Seventh-Inning Stretch: Reflection on the Game of Life

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