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Men's Monday Message: Christ - The Lion AND the Lamb

Good morning Mighty Men of Valor...This is Holy Week.... the culmination of the ministry of Christ. His whole objective, purpose, reason to enter into this world coming to fruition. I was thinking of the phrase that there would be a day when the lion shall lay down with the lamb. I had always thought that this meant a day of ultimate peace, and maybe that is true. But I also realize that Jesus is the Lamb of God, yet the Lion of Judah. Both the Lion and the Lamb. The culmination of the sacrificial Lamb who takes aways the sins of the world.... most important to me.... He took away mine!... Selfish I know, but without Him I am lost forever. I know you feel the same. He is also the culmination of the Lion of Judah. Celebrated by His resurrection and the defeat of sin, death and the grave. His roar shook the foundations of the world forever. Be especially sensitive to the Holy Spirit during this time. Allow Him to touch you in a mighty way. Remember what Jesus did for you. Acknowledge what He did for you. Appreciate what He did for you. The Lion and the Lamb..... lays together in the person of Jesus, the Christ. Hosanna in the Highest! Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory,

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