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Men's Monday Message: At Work... Serving God

Good Morning Mighty Men of Valor,

Ready to go to church this morning?

Wait???.... today's Monday.... EXACTLY!

It was brought to my attention that for most of us we still have this separation for secular things and spiritual things.

The "church" box and the "work" box to be specific.

I was challenged with the question that if all our "work" box is for is to make money and pay bills then we are no different than the world.

There has got to be more!

There has got to be a deeper purpose.

We hear it said that, for the Christian, there should be no difference between the secular and the sacred..... yet that is not what we often see.

Perhaps that is why we still struggle with wrapping our identity around what we do as a vocation. I am ________ (fill in the blank).

For a long time, as I grew in my faith and as I felt the tug of God to serve Him, I struggled with trying to carve out the "space" (time, effort, place) to satisfy this tug He initiated and still operate in my profession.

I felt stuck spinning my "church" plate and my "work" plate.

Maybe you feel the same at times?

I mean how long can I keep these plates spinning before one of them falls?

It wasn't until the Holy Spirit helped me understand that there was never meant to be two plates.

That my vocation and my ministry were to be the same.

In fact, every aspect of our lives is meant to overlap and intersect every other part of our lives.

We are always trying to dissect them in order to understand and get control of them.

It's like taking apart a beautiful, purposeful wooden chair until we can no longer recognize its purpose and function only to be left with a pile of firewood.

1 Cor 12 refers to there being many parts of a single body, all having specific function and importance.

The beginning of the chapter refers to the gifts of the Spirit, but I do not believe we should limit these to those miraculous activities of the Spirit.

Verse 4-6 speaks of "... different kinds of gifts... different kinds of service.... different kinds of working..." all by the same Spirit.... "but in all of them and everyone, it is the same God at work." (NIV)

It is interesting that Jesus selected His disciples from the marketplace, not the temple.

So, here we are.... most of you reading this are in the marketplace, yet feel the tug to serve our Lord.

I offer this.... Maybe we are in the right place.... at work.

But not the deeper question.....

What does God want our work to be while we are at work?

Think about it???

Strength and Honor, but only for His Glory,

MDN Coach Dennis

Author of Seventh-Inning Stretch: Reflection on the Game of Life

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