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Labor Day....

Men's Monday Message

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Happy Labor Day!

I guess most of us have this day off, it being a National holiday.

This is a day we celebrate our work.

Celebrate our work?


Most of us complain about our work.

Complain about having to get up early everyday.

Complain about the commute.

Complain about the pay.

Complain about the boss.

The list can be long.

However, work is important to God.

Many of us think back to Adam and think if he didn't blow it we would not have to work. We would be living the sweet life at the resort playing with Eve all day long.

Not true.... Adam had been given the task to tend and keep this garden of Eden. (Gen 2;15) which God created. Given responsibility for it and authority in it. The job did get much harder after the fall (Gen 3) but Adam was still given work. He did get to play with Eve, too :), but that's a story for another day.

Man has always been created to be like God... creating, building, keeping and tending to this, His "garden".

When God completed His part He looked and said it was good, very good.

We are to do the same.

Okay, maybe we are not in the "work" of our dreams, but we are to do it well as an honor to God. Just as the parable of the three men given talents (Mat 25) God rewarded and expanded their responsibility and opportunity to do better as they were "good and faithful" and invited them to "join into the joy of their Lord."

God celebrated their success.

Aren't we to do the same?

Wouldn't our Father do the same and invite us into His joy?

So celebrate, not just this day, this Labor Day, but celebrate every day we get to labor for Him and with Him. There's nothing better than working in the garden with Dad.

Strength and Honor, but only for His Glory,

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