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Men's Monday Message - Rak Chazak!

Each Monday morning I post pretty much whatever is on my mind as I focus on God stuff, reflect on the devotional of the day, or just complain as to what is bothering me. I try to stay away from politics and my opinion as to current events with the exception as to how today's events, issues, and changes in our culture challenge our biblical identities. Thought here is to allow us to get pass the fake news and hone in on being more, what I call "Christ Complete."

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Rak Chazak!.....

Be strong and courageous!

The battle cry of the righteous of God.

Hey... that's us!

I was reviewing some notes from a Men's Discipleship Network presentation of the Benefits of being Christ Centered and I landed on the attribute of being "courageous".

Yes, the "meek will inherit the earth", but there is a call to be courageous.

Think about the men and women of the Bible. For the most part they were courageous.

Abraham - building an altar for a demanding sacrifice.

Moses - standing before Pharaoh demanding as God instructed to "Let My people go!"

Peter - taking his place in the early church.

Mary - receiving the will of God to bare the Christ child.

David, Esther, Sarah, Paul.... the list is long.

The word says we are to "live by faith, not by sight." That takes courage.

We are to be a "living sacrifice." that takes courage.

Confessing our sin to one another takes courage.

To stand, when we have done all to stand... takes courage.

Where does this courage come from?

It comes from the Lord!

Let's lean on Him... for He will renew our strength!

Rak Chazak!

Strength and Honor, but only for His Glory,

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