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Men's Monday Message: Hard to Swallow

Good morning mighty men of valor,

I am very excited that later this week we will be launching a YouTube Channel to talk about our faith, God, life lessons and the stuff we all deal with. Look for more information on the various social media outlets.

Today's message is about the hard stuff to swallow.

Those areas in the Bible where we say "really"?

Those places where God seems hard, unloving, unmoving, uncompassionate, too black & white (what about the grey areas, Lord?)

Those phrases that cause collisions in our minds and souls.

Places that are difficult to get our minds round.

Areas that seem contrary to what I have experienced, learned and understand about Father God.

Those places where we often ask, "what are you saying?"

Do you have such areas in scripture?

Many times we just turn the page rather than digging deeper.

I believe we are to consider the totality of the Bible, but I will admit there are some areas that wreck me.... maybe you agree.

So rather than passing over these roadblocks as we consider scripture, may I suggest we dig deeper. I have come to learn that these are the places I need to gain more understanding, more perspective, more truth.

So, here's the challenge.

What scripture verse do you find hard to swallow?.... that you choke on?... that you find it easier to turn the page rather than seeking, exploring, and/or wrestle with God about.

I believe these are the areas that our amazing, loving Father says, "come, let us reason together."

Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory,

MDN Coach Dennis Labriola

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