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Men's Monday Message - Compromise Steals God's Power from My Life

Good morning mighty men of valor.....

I believe each of us wants to be seen as godly men, as righteous men, as men who have it, pretty much, together.

What Jesus refers to as the "abundant life".

The goal of Spiritual Physics is to live free and to love as Christs loves.

I think you would agree that this is what we want.

We do not often see this for the whole of one's life, but hopefully we have experienced some of this for part of our life.

One of the greatest challenges and weapons of the enemy of souls (that's the devil if you were wondering) is the use of COMPROMISE.

We all struggle with it..... typically a collision between what we know is right, (what God says) and what we want.

The Apostle Paul in Romans 7 wrestles with this himself as he explains that the things he knows he is to do he doesn't do, and the things he hates to do (the wrong stuff) he does.


"The compromise to sin is nothing compared to the consequence of sin" (Scott Caesar).

Compromise steals the power from my life... from your life.

Here's a few ways.... maybe you can relate.

- Compromise hinders my prayers.

- Compromise causes me to isolate myself.

- Compromise derails my mission and ministry.

- Compromise creates a wedge between me and God.

- Compromise causes me to focus on my guilt rather than my forgiveness

- Compromise prostitutes my integrity.

- Compromise causes lukewarmness (you know what that means).

The best way to battle compromise is to have 3-6 godly men in your life that you are transparent with.... that you counsel with on a regular basis (there is safety in a multitude of counsel (Proverbs 14:11, Proverbs 1:5)..... We call this a SEAL Team.

But here's the key.... you must humble yourself and submit yourself to them AND you must know the Word.

Hey.... we've got this...... it's gonna be a great day...... God is with us, who can be against us!

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