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Men's Monday Message: Calming the Turbulence

Good Morning Men of God,

Back from the UK....

As we were getting ready to fly home, sitting on the runway, I took my wife's hand and we prayed for a safe trip.

A smooth trip without too much turbulence.

I think most people do the same.

Got me thinking about prayer.

For many men prayer is something we acknowledge but may not be something we practice as we should.

We typically hit our knees when trouble comes... the turbulence of life...

But not as we ought during the busyness of our day.

Did you ever get a text or an email requesting prayer for someone and you filed it away for a bit later only to forget altogether?

I must confess I have been guilty of this.

That is why I have developed the practice to pause immediately and lift up the person or situation. It only takes a few seconds.

Ps 3:6 reminds us to acknowledge Him in all our ways, and He will direct us.

I think that is the key.... acknowledge God all throughout your day and see how much turbulence He smooths out.

If Jesus can calm the seas He can certainly be calming to our lives.

Think about it!

Strength and Honor, but Only for His Glory,

MDN Coach Dennis Labriola

By the way.... My Wife, Patty's, book, The Yawn That Went Around the World, was released this past Tuesday and is now available "wherever books are sold". Great children's picture book collaboration of Patty and Dayna Pappalardo.

Contact me directly if you would like to purchase a hardcover limited edition, signed copy.

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