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Is God really with us?

I am so pleased and honored to receive so many wonderful comments, support and endorsements for my latest, actually my first, book Seventh-Inning Stretch - Reflections on the Game of Life. Whether baseball or sports personalities, authors, pastors, doctors or business entrepreneurs, no matter our age, we all have those that speak into our lives.... some positive, some negative, but though it all God is there. Check out what this highly successful businessmen, life coach and, someone I have the privilege of calling "friend" has to say...

“What a wonderful diversion from the demands of business and life. My good friend, Dennis, provides a much appreciated reprieve from the day-to-day and provides a moment to refocus on God’s constant interaction with each of us. Seventh-Inning Stretch... recommended to everyone.” Vinny Papparlardo – Entrepreneur

For a preview go to either Barnes n Noble or Amazon.... search on the title or my name. Due to be released this spring.

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